About Us

"More Than Just Fabric, We’re Family Since 1929"

Vaughan Brothers is located at 88 SE Washington Street in Portland Oregon. We specialize in Outdoor Industrial Fabrics including Marine, Awning, Tent, Tarp and Bags. We carry a wide variety of fabrics, vinyl, canvas, screening, tools, supplies, hardware, grommets, thread, binding, hook & loop, rope, bungee and many other products. We strive to keep up to date with the latest and greatest products for our customers.

Company History

Located in the heart of Portland Oregon for over 80 years, Vaughan Brothers started as an auto top and upholstery manufacturing company owned and operated by Frank Vaughan. After WWII ended Don Vaughan partnered with brother Frank Vaughan on 10th and Burnside across the street from Powell’s books current location. Over the years the company expanded into marine and awning fabrics and discontinued the manufacturing part of the business. Don’s son also named Frank began to take over the business shortly after he returned from serving in the Navy in 1970. In the mid 90’s Vaughan Brothers ran out of space and expanded to a new location just across the Willamette River in lower SE Portland. June of 1985 third generation Carrie Vaughan (now Carrie Campbell) began to follow in her father Frank Vaughan’s footsteps and began working at Vaughan Bros.

Today Vaughan Brothers is proud to be a fourth generation company. Frank Vaughan retired in 2013 turning the business over to his daughter Carrie Campbell (the current owner) accompanied by her three daughters Lindsey, Maggie and Carissa.