Grommets; What are they & Why do they Matter?

Grommets; What are they & Why do they Matter?

May 10, 2017 0 By Vaughan Brothers

Grommet, it sounds like a name for a fictional character in a book. In reality, a grommet is a ring or eyelet made of metal, plastic, or other materials. Grommets are essential to various fabric projects including things like banner signs, tarps, flags, and tents.

Grommets are small and often an underappreciated part of most projects. These eyelets are used to help provide a hole in a banner sign, display card, or other textiles. The hole is meant for looping, hanging, tethering, or tying together the fabric.

So why do grommets matter in a project involving fabric? Why not just punch a hole through your tent or banner and hang it without a grommet? The answers are multifaceted.

A grommet provides a fabric project with a reinforced metal or plastic hole that you can loop a cord or string through without worrying about rips or tears in the textile. A grommet also keeps your fabric project looking professional. Grommets come in various types, sizes, and colors to match your textile. Here’s a quick list of some of the grommet types:

  • Self-Piercing: These are the simplest of grommets requiring no pre-punched hole. These are designed to cut their own hole. With a single action, you can set the grommet with its matching washer and be done.
  • Plain: These grommets are made of various metals and include plain washers. These require a hole cutter to set the grommet in the fabric.
  • Spur: These are heavy-duty grommets with “teeth” that help penetrate fabric. The teeth lock with the other half of the grommet making it difficult to pull out. These are great for use in tarps and flags.
  • Kits: These include everything you need to set a grommet including: a hole cutter, wood block for cutting, a setter, and plain grommets and washers.

As you can see, there are several types of grommets. Using the right one for your project is important and requires that you do some research. Not all grommets are the same and some are designed for use in projects like tarps and flags, while others are designed for use in banner signs and tents. One way to ensure you are using the right grommet for your textile is to consult your supplier and ask the right questions.

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