Recasense Case Study, M&M Creative Upholstery/Dub Box USA

Based in Oregon, Dub Box USA delivers a unique twist on the towable camper and food trailer scene.

Modeled after the iconic VW camper van, Dub Box USA manufactures uniquely designed towable campers, food and event trailers using lightweight, yet durable, fiberglass shells. All Dub Box products are completely customizable with many being used in commercial applications such as food trucks, retail stands and branded event vehicles.

With uniqueness as a core pillar of the Dub Box

USA appeal, customization is a must, followed closely

by durability and usability, especially for the commercial crowd. Many of the trailer designs incorporate weather curtains and awnings for added comfort and space for users. To accommodate these add-ons, Dub Box USA contracts with Recasens supplier and fabricator, M&M Creative Upholstery as part of its custom manufacturing process.

Providing everything from residential to commercial and marine upholstery, M&M Creative has extensive knowledge in fabrics of all kinds. When first approached for the Dub Box project, RECacril canvases from Recasens immediately came to mind.

“Recasens products are simply the best on the market,” states M&M Spokesperson Maria Musseid. “They’re not only incredibly durable and easy to work with, the range of colors and patterns are both extensive and beautiful.”

M&M Creative uses RECacril for all Dub Box custom awning and weather curtains. Thanks to its unique finish, RECacril has proven itself well suited to vinyl printing, offering commercial Dub Box customers yet another option for customizing their trailers.


Original Post By Recasense USA

“Hey why don’t we get a new awning?”

From Netflix’s “Jerry Before Seinfeld”

“Hey why don’t we get a new awning?”

Here’s a sentence never heard in the history of New York city: “Hey why don’t we get a new awning?” “We got 6 lbs. of bird crap on this one, 12 rips, 11 places the metal frame is showing through.” “Would cost us  what, $200 bucks, its only the ENTIRE appearance of our whole business.” “Nah I don’t think it’s a good idea.” “I think its better as a way for us to silently express how much we hate ourselves, and the stupidity of the people who even come in here.” “Your right lets leave it.“ – Jerry Seinfeld

 Netflix’s “Jerry Before Seinfeld”


More than protection from the weather

The right style of awning can create a refreshing face to a business. Jerry has highlighted this best in his new Netflix special “Jerry Before Seinfeld” with the line; “Nah I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think its better as a way for us to silently express how much we hate ourselves, and the stupidity of the people who even come in here.” It really makes you think. I, a customer am evaluating your business based on the exterior prior to purchase, what are they really thinking?

The right awning can make your business stand out and will translate into a more positive experience for the customer. Colors and patterns play a huge part in our subconscious evaluation of places. From reds that pop and are hot to blues that are calm and inviting. The right awning can really enhance your customer’s experience whether they’re enjoying sitting under your awning at a sidewalk cafe or walking through the front door to your business.  That awning is making the first impression of your business.

Fabric or Metal

While a metal awning does its job for weather protection, what else is it doing?  Here in the northwest, we’re all about the rain.  When you’re under a metal awning out of the weather, what do you hear?  Do your ears ring from the noise?  Like others in the Pacific Northwest, I’m not a fan of hearing and tolerating the irate pounding of water pelting down on metal!  On the flip side, with a fabric awning we can enjoy a soothing experience as the rain falls, beads up and rolls right off the fabric.

The Final Decision

The choice ultimately is up to you! Metal or fabric think about the face of your business. The industrial fabric market is filled with choices and styles ranging from the simple colors of Sunbrella to complex vinyl backlit awnings. Most common awning fabrics are acrylic woven and solution died. Recacril is a great option if you are trying to have that unique look that won’t break the bank. Customers continually comment on the lasting stiffness and selection of colors.


Take a light-hearted word of advice from Jerry, give your customers a good feeling about supporting a business that cares how they present themselves.