Recasense Case Study, M&M Creative Upholstery/Dub Box USA

Based in Oregon, Dub Box USA delivers a unique twist on the towable camper and food trailer scene.

Modeled after the iconic VW camper van, Dub Box USA manufactures uniquely designed towable campers, food and event trailers using lightweight, yet durable, fiberglass shells. All Dub Box products are completely customizable with many being used in commercial applications such as food trucks, retail stands and branded event vehicles.

With uniqueness as a core pillar of the Dub Box

USA appeal, customization is a must, followed closely

by durability and usability, especially for the commercial crowd. Many of the trailer designs incorporate weather curtains and awnings for added comfort and space for users. To accommodate these add-ons, Dub Box USA contracts with Recasens supplier and fabricator, M&M Creative Upholstery as part of its custom manufacturing process.

Providing everything from residential to commercial and marine upholstery, M&M Creative has extensive knowledge in fabrics of all kinds. When first approached for the Dub Box project, RECacril canvases from Recasens immediately came to mind.

“Recasens products are simply the best on the market,” states M&M Spokesperson Maria Musseid. “They’re not only incredibly durable and easy to work with, the range of colors and patterns are both extensive and beautiful.”

M&M Creative uses RECacril for all Dub Box custom awning and weather curtains. Thanks to its unique finish, RECacril has proven itself well suited to vinyl printing, offering commercial Dub Box customers yet another option for customizing their trailers.


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Quality not Quantity: Not All Specialty Fabrics are the Same

When it comes to specialty fabrics, it’s important to know that not all textiles are created equally. In fact, specialty fabrics are created for a variety of industries and not everyone uses the same process, materials, or customer service when it comes to supplying textiles.

Using a quality textile that’s produced with care may cost just a little extra, but that fabric will last and save you in the long run; you won’t have to replace it so often. For example in an awning fabric, you want to be sure the textile you use in your project is designed to withstand the elements, is UV ray resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and waterproof.  If you choose a fabric that is mass produced and doesn’t have the aforementioned qualities, your project’s textile may not last as long.

Remember, fabrics in the marine, upholstery, outdoor, and auto industries are designed with unique properties that make them last within their respective environments. For example, in the marine industry, boats use specialty fabrics for shade covers, boat covers, and upholstery.

Marine fabrics are typically designed to withstand the sun, rain, ocean or fresh water spray, and the wear and tear of water sport activities. Some marine fabrics are UV ray resistant and waterproof but may lack that mildew and mold resistance which is important for boats. That’s why finding a supplier with knowledge of your industry’s needs is essential. After all, you don’t want your project to fall apart or your customer to be upset.

Another important aspect of a quality fabric is the customer service that it is backed by. Some fabrics suppliers may not have the knowledge you need to support your project’s specifications, or they may not be fast in responding to your queries. Whatever the case, it’s important to know that your textile supplier is efficient, responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to help.

Now that you know a little more about specialty fabrics and why using quality textiles matters, let us know how we can help you with your next project by visiting us at or giving us a call at 1-800-444-4701.

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