Self Piercing Grommets - Ground - Brass - Size 1
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Self Piercing Grommets - Ground - Brass - Size 1

Item #: G-SP-G-1-BRA

Price: $12.49

Units: 100 Pkg

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Self-piercing ground grommets. These grommets are designed to cut their own hole. The difference between our ground self-piercing grommets and unground is the cutting edge. Self-Piercing Grommets are made from heavier gauge brass than traditional sheet metal grommets and, when set with their matching washers, pierce and set in a single action without the need for a pre-punched hole.
  • Package Size: 100 each
  • Finish: Brass
  • Material: Brass
  • Washer Included: Yes
  • Wholesale Volume Discount: 500 each, 2500 each, 5000 each