Sunguard Bobbins - B-92 - Size M - Forest Green
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Sunguard Bobbins - B-92 - Size M - Forest Green

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Sunguard B-92 bobbins. Our Sunguard Thread is a UVR Bonded Polyester that is designed to match the most popular acrylic fabrics. Sunguard's high quality thread meets the most demanding applications for resistance to mildew, UV, bacteria and abrasion resistance. Sunguard is made for the outdoors and all your industrial sewing needs.
  • Material: Polyester
  • UV Coating: Yes
  • Thread Size: DB-92 (TEX 90)
  • Bobbin Size: Size M (∅ 1.023" x 0.435" H)
  • Bobbin Type: Sided
  • Box Size: 1 gross (144 bobbins)
  • Wholesale Volume Discount: 10 gross